How to buy Penny Stocks Online?

The stocks priced under $5 with low market capitalization are termed as Penny Stocks. These are nano-leveled stocks usually belonging to new companies, bankrupt organizations or sometimes, the fake companies. Yes!! This is the hard truth associated with penny stocks. You should not panic as there are many good and prospective companies having probability to grow and those begin their share distribution with penny stocks.

Market Capitalization is an important term for penny stock brokers. It is determined by the formula:

Market Capitalization = Stock Price of the Company X No. of Outstanding Shares

How to buy Penny Stocks Online?This calculation will give you the whole value of the company’s shares at a particular time. Penny Stocks are not traded on major stock exchanges, but Over-the-Counter (OTC) bulletin board. There is a broker involved in trading and you will have to give them a small percentage in the form of commission for trading.

Penny Stock transactions are chargeable by brokers and there are many companies giving free stock tips. Don’t just follow them and try to focus on your own decisions to get the right stock investment. Penny stock investments are not too large and you can diversify your investments to get better profits.

Penny Stock investments can be done online through various stock broking companies. You need to open a trading account, which can be loaded with money. The transactions can be made with that account and you can make research over the companies into your consideration. Penny Stocks require higher level of …

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Consistent Growth For Chinese PV Producer Yingli Green Energy

The Chinese PV Producer Yingli Green Energy Estimated that its 4th 2012 quarter shipment of PV modules would be higher

The path of Yingli Green Energy is actually more than 2.2 GW, a value above all the expectations. Nevertheless, the company also suffered from considerable losses. For example: in the 3rd quarter of 2012 the company suffered a loss of 159 million dollars but the penny stock investment shown a tremendous growth.

The CEO, named Liansheng Miao, told, despite the terribly challenges on worldwide industry of PV, they are completely confident and ready to expand their market share all the way through the year. They want to expand their market share not only in the markets that are already out there, but also in those markets that are now coming to the surface.

He added that according to the current available public data, they believe that Yingli evolved into the largest photovoltaic module supplier on a global scale. Such impressive mark has been achieved because of their well-known brand, which has a structure of a competitive price and a sublime product quality.

RPN’s Jake Eriksson contributed to this report.

Professional freelancer in Green Technology and Scientific Development. Educational background in the field of Human Resources Management.

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The Renewable Energy Market Is Starting To Be Ruled By Emerging Companies

Investment on Renewable Energies at stake.

For the first time in eight years, indicators inform that the investment in renewable energies is at stake. Nevertheless, Ernst & Young says that this is not all bad news because there are currently emerging markets showing a strong growth especially in the regions of MENA and South Africa as well.

Romania, for example, with only 5MW of cumulative capacity is considered by the IHS and Ernest & Young as an emerging market.

The clean-tech leader from Ernest & Young, Gil Forer said that the transition to a low-carbon and more resource-efficient economy is in fact, something inevitable. He adds that although the perspectives point out to the first fall in this market in 2012, the first fall in eight years. The value achieved in 2011 (US$237 billion) will fall. Gil Forer, states that the news shouldn’t be taken has completely negative news.

It appears that Forer has a substantial reason to say what he said. The Ernest & Young’s energy and environmental finance leader, Ben Warren, mentions, the prices were dropped but the overall capacity is actually increasing day after day, and emerging markets are currently booming, which increases emerging market’s activity. Forer explains that emerging companies are focusing their efforts and resources in increasing and investing in renewable energies, unlike fully-established corporations that are worried about the risks, energy prices, pressure from stakeholders, energy security, etc…

Emergent Markets

In Ernest’s & Young most recent indices on the renewable energy attractiveness by country, …

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