Some Amazing Facts About Solar Power

Some Amazing Facts About Solar Power

Chances are you have heard some interesting facts about renewable solar power. The tough part comes in trying to make a determination between the actual facts and what are often just opinions.

My hope is that I can pass on to readers some of the more impressive true facts regarding solar power. There are some positive truths and off-putting ones as well but they should be mentioned. Therefore, without further delay…

Some Facts Power From The Sun:

• Solar power is a viable and renewable source of energy. Its appearance certainly is restricted but it is at least consistent in its delivery pattern.

• Solar power is non polluting, meaning its use keeps our breathable air free from carbon dioxide and heaven knows what else is out there damaging our bodies in the greenhouse gas and emissions soup we inhale.

• We can use solar power to keep our water heated, dry our clothing, heat a swimming pool, keep attic fans operating, energize small appliance and electrical devices, power lights inside and out, we can even use it to power automobiles and numerous other uses.

• In 1990, the first solar powered aircraft flew across the United States only using solar energy.

• Solar power systems can be expensive and this is a drawback from their use in more areas though the prices are gradually decreasing as the technology is improving rapidly.

• You need a fairly big space to set up solar panels if you are hoping for the best efficiency ratings.

• The solar panels efficiency has a lot to do where you are located geographically [Arizona as opposed to the Pacific Northwest or the Northeastern states].

• The good news is once the solar array is installed, your costs are negligible at best and they begin to quickly return your investment. The sunshine is free!

• Thanks to net metering, if your solar power system generates more electric power than you are consuming, the utility grid company will pay you for your additional power.

• The use of solar energy for your residence means you are independent from the burden of your municipal utility. You no longer are dependent on foreign sources of power or domestic for that matter. They can raise their rates all they like and you will not feel a thing.

• When you install a solar power unit, it is not necessary to connect with the gas or power company grid.
• Solar energy units do not produce at night or when it is overcast or pollution is thick, covering up the sun.

• There are ways around that as well if you have a battery arrangement in place as a back up and power storage unit. This means when there is no sun available you can still use stored power for your home.

• Solar power systems can be installed in very remote regions.

• If the power goes out you will still have electricity and with power companies increasingly initiating “brown outs”, you will no longer be resetting clocks and restoring lost computer information.

• Solar power units are scalable so when you need more electricity you simply add more solar panels to your existing array.

• Solar panels do not make any noise when they do their job.

• Solar powered autos are a long way off for consumer use and commercialization. Same for air travel.

• Once you install your solar power system, it is pretty much build it and forget it since little maintenance is required – and they last a long time.

• Once again, it is vital to note that the technology for solar power is improving extremely quickly as the government becomes more involved with green energy solutions and private investment increases. Some very bright minds are researching and developing new ideas for solar energy.

This is only a partial list of some relevant facts about solar power in 2010. It is time we all educate ourselves about this alternate form of renewable energy as the oil reserves begin to dry up around the world.

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