Solar Power For Your Home Is Much More Simple Than You Thought

Solar Power For Your Home Is Much More Simple Than You Thought

Nothing better than a homespun solution to life’s problems. This is true when it comes to our environment and the damage we continue to inflict on it. There are things we can do to aid in reducing the amount of green house gas emitted and individually we can make a difference. At home, it is possible to lower our carbon footprint by producing our own homemade power resource.

Since drilling an oil well in our backyard is out of the question, nuclear power is not going to be viable, the simplest way we can do this today is by utilizing the sun’s energy and installing solar power. If we use our own tools and perhaps even some spare parts we already have, we can make a difference at home.

How great would it be if we could transform our home into a generator of power rather than a user of power? It is possible to use solar power, capturing direct sunlight with a photovoltaic cell panel along with an inverter to produce our own electricity at home. There are some details to consider like how much sunlight we receive, and from which direction it lands on our home, but these are mere details. 

Can you imagine the difference we could make in the world if every individual homeowner that had sunlight raining down on their roof, placed a single solar panel down to trap the energy? The change it would mean to the world would be earth saving in its magnitude.

There is little doubt the world needs our help. Cities are sinking by gradual rising water, Animals are becoming extinct, glaciers are actually disappearing and this is all a result of our planet getting warmer. If we do not collectively and individually begin to take some serious measures to relieve the planet of the burden placed upon it by burning fossil fuel, we will all be sorry. Enough pontificating though since there are things we CAN do to help.

The sun is beginning to cause disruption on the planet but it can also be harnessed as a form of renewable energy, becoming our solution to global warming. With a bit of do it yourself ingenuity, some tools and some basic education about solar power installation and we will transform the sun into our own personal power source. Eventually you can begin to charge your own utility company for excess power you produce!

Instead of thinking big, think small and scalable. The chief obstacle to converting to solar power for many is the initial set up cost of an overall conversion. Until the idea gains in popularity, the costs will be on the high side – but do not let that stop you. For a small investment in a DIY solar kit and starting out with a very affordable single solar panel, you will be able to see for yourself what the excitement is all about. While installing one or two solar panels may seem a waste of time, it will get you started using the technology.
You will still be able to utilize this power source for small electrical devices or perhaps some outdoor lighting. At the same time, you will be learning about the solar power system and as you can afford it, the potential to scale up from a small array to an even larger on now becomes much easier to do.

By simply putting your thoughts toward change means, you can make it happen. With further creative thought, you will be able to come upon more ways to utilize your new source of renewable power. With just a small investment and some collective or individual will, we can begin to make a steady change in how we energize our home. This plan would make a great project for a family to employ as a fantastic learning experience together.

The result will be a cleaner environment, a better and cleaner example will be set for all who witness your unit in action and your children will have a new appreciation for your commitment to their future. Homemade power is as simple as a single solar power and an inverter. You will also have exclusivity on all the bragging rights!

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