Apple Might Soon Power Appliances with Solar Energy

Sun, Jan 16, 2011

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Apple Might Soon Power Appliances with Solar Energy

Recently, Apple earned their patent for the technology enabling electronic gadget to be powered with the use of solar energy.

Apply is going for solar portable devices. In 2009, Apple described how a particular system could charge portable devices with the use of solar panels. They do current hold a patent for the system which claims that one day phones, tablet, notebook computers as well as other portable devices will be charged with solar power.

The system is quite complex. It focuses on converting solar energy harnessed on solar panels into power that can be used by typical portable electronic devices. The system is able to change voltage strength into various standard current outputs. This assures that the power generated from the sun is enough or appropriate for battery recharging.

Pictorial description of the system

The patent maintained by Apple is for a technology that can either be embedded into devices or used separately. The company have been progressing steadily in field of solar powered gadgets since 2006.

Source: ZD Net

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