The dream to go Green: Aran Islanders try out Electric Cars

Thu, Jan 20, 2011

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The dream to go Green: Aran Islanders try out Electric Cars

The Aran Islands have been selected for trying out the electric car. It is located off the west coast of Ireland and is thought to be ideal for such tests.

Aran Islands were thought to be the perfect site for such testing as there is much wind. Also the relentless waves drum up the energy.

The project is over a period of three years. It consists of given the eight householders living on the islands a vivid orange electric car.

The objective of the project is to ultimately produce sufficient energy to generate heat, electricity as well as transport for the various islands.

Varied households will be selected to participate in the project on a yearly basis with the aim to make use of absolutely no carbon fuel in the years to come.

In accordance to Inis Oirr Island Cooperative’s manager, Paddy Crowe, the project’s bottom line is to make all the islands become self-sustainable.

He furthermore adds that they have done all that is in their hands to become green as far as possible. They have even insulated the houses as well as make use of solar panels.

Paddy Crowe advances that the islands were the perfect testing site for the electric cars. This is so because the amount of fuel that will be saved is measurable on the islands as all the fuel to be used will need to be brought to the islands.

He declares that they are completely controlling the situation. All the fuel to be used will be brought in the islands by ferry. Measuring the fuel use in a town is far more difficult compared to on an island.

Mr Crowe stated that the families that will be given the cars would make use of them on a regular basis.

This pilot project has take shape due to the partnership between the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs and Sustainable Energy Ireland.

Out of the six Mega e-City cars will be sent to Inis Mor and one to Inis Oirr and Inis Meain.

The drivers of the vehicles will require paying a lease of 12 euro. The principal costs will consist of paying 400 euro. This will be for installing a charge point near every house.

The general operation cost per annum is anticipated to be approximately 90 euro.

Source: BBC

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