Cook Food With A Solar Stovetop

Cook Food With A Solar Stovetop

The new off the grid global cooking style – Hot Liner Solar Cooker Stove – by Yonggu Do & Eunha SEO from Yanko Design can replace the old fashioned solar ovens, successfully.

In 2010, at Seoul International Design Competition, co-hosted by Designboom, Hot Liner got the Golden Haechi Award because of its original concept, which is based on a unique way of building, designed for those people who have no access to reliable electricity.

The Hot line consists in a flexible solar panel, rigid, a solar cell holder, a battery, a heat coil and a magnetic strip at each end, which can connect one to the other.

It can take any shape, depending on the size of the cooking pots. For a small cooking pot, it is necessary only a liner in a ring shape and for larger ones, 2 liners fit together. The Hot Liner is becoming an off-grid, dual burner stovetop.

When Hot Liner must be recharged, it can be put flat on the ground or hung in a tree to capture the solar energy. This is really a revolutionary type of technology.

Source: Earth Techling and IB Times

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