China Is Going Green, In The Next Five Year

China Is Going Green, In The Next Five Year

On March 5, Premier Wen Jiabao has put more efforts in saving energy and cleaning the air as China, the top producer of greenhouse gases worldwide, refurbishes its economy over the coming five years.

At the opening of the annual session of China’s Parliament (National People’s Congress), Wen stated in his speech that there will be more active participation in the prevention of global warming.

The country aims to reduce 17% of carbon emissions per unit of gross domestic product between the years 2011 to 2015 — a step to achieve its goal to bring down carbon concentration for at least 40% by 2020, in comparison to levels in 2005.

The premier asserted that by 2015, energy use per unit of GDP will be cut by 16%, and expects to raise last year’s 8.3% of non-fossil fuels in its energy infusion to 11.4%.

Between the years 2006-2010, Wen stated that China had achieved reasonable developments in terms of energy conservation, environmental protection and ecological improvement, and likewise had taken firm measures in the implementation of green technology.

China’s past five years revealed a decrease of 19.1% of energy consumption per unit of GDP, which almost reached the initial goal of 20%, according to China’s premier.

This year, as reported separately by National Development and Reform Commission, the leading economic planning agency is suggesting positive news. China’s target is to decrease at least 3.5% of both carbon concentration and energy consumption per unit of GDP in comparison to last year’s.

The country has taken on a bold step in increasing the use of renewable resources like solar and wind power. It intends to make more use of its nuclear power as well. At present, China utilizes two-thirds of its power requirements from highly contaminating coal energy resource.

Source: Physorg

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