Clean Energy –The Largest Solar Farm in UK successfully strike Cash-back scheme

Clean Energy –The Largest Solar Farm in UK successfully strike Cash-back scheme

Tine mine is UK’s largest-scale solar power plant to derive governmental benefits from the so called ‘clean energy cash-back’ scheme.

This upcoming solar farm is expected to produce 1.4 MW of electricity per annum, which will render it the largest solar farm in the UK. This new solar farm is the result of a joint venture between Solar Century (solar panel suppliers) and Light Source Renewable energy. In total the farm will be spread across 2.9 hectare in Wheal Jane, which is closed to Truro. There will be a total of 5,700 modules, which will release a capacity of 1.437 MWh. In other words, this will be sufficient to provide electricity to 430 households, and reduce CO2 emissions by 737 tonnes per annum.

In the UK, this is one of the very few projects that is being provided with ‘Feed-in-tariff’ rates, which are popularly called ‘clean energy cash back’. The programme established by the government was meant to motivate the installation of solar panels, and rewarding business that promotes the use of renewable. The companies generating electricity from solar are, in other words, paid a preferential rate above the prevailing energy rates. The common hinder for solar energy to take off is that fossil-fuel power is cheaper in comparison to solar energy; solar cells are relatively more expensive.

It was announced in February that the government was going to revise its feed-in tariff scheme for companies producing above 50 Kw. The aim was to reduce the incentive of the feed-in tariff for large solar installation by as much as 70 percent. So, large solar farms that joins the grid after the end of this month will be faced with severely lower rates.

Conor McGuigan who is the head of planning for Lightsource says that it is disappointing to see the government reducing the availability of feed-in-tariff for large solar manufactures. They do play a fundamental role in the overall supply of clean energy in the United Kingdom.

In addition, Wheal Jane is also a domestic tin mine site that house the country’s prime earth science park of clean energy with hydro, wind, solar and geothermal sources.
The CEO of SolarCentury, Derry Newman says that the movement towards solar energy in tine mine shows how energy productions are changing.

According to recent news, the progress of clean energy is spreading across the country. Another extensive-array of solar cells is being set up in Howbery Business Park situated at Oxforshire. It will consist of an array of 3,000 solar cells, which will produce around 682 MWh of energy per annum.

Source: Wired.Co

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