Breakthrough CSP Desalination Plant in Cyprus

Breakthrough CSP Desalination Plant in Cyprus

An astounding research energy programme on a CSP (concentrated solar power) plant for desalination launched by CYPRUS is catching the eye of the global population. This just might be the solution for Cyprus’s water and energy-related issues.

British Science Museum says that the programme is capable of generating as much as 5 million more litres of fresh water in a day. This new technology enables solar power to generate electricity as well as to purify water at the same time.

Out of several other programmes which are a current part of the “Water Wars” exhibition by the British Science Museum, ITN News has singled this one out and is also featuring an online overview of the same.

The European Commission is funding this programme under the EU, 7th framework programme and its studies were carried out in the Pentakomo village by the CYI (The Cyprus Institute). It submitted its final reports in June 2010 after the research for the same began in November 2008.

Mirrors placed at strategic locations lead to reflection and the focus of sunbeams on a central receiver’s surface, thus generating CSP. The receiver stores the energy after converting it from solar to thermal. Water is converted to steam by this thermal energy and steam in turn generates electrical energy when passed through steam turbines.

Simultaneously, the excess energy is efficiently used for water desalination through evaporation. Had it not been for this newly developed efficient model in the energy field, the surplus energy which is now used to desalinate water would have gone down the drain.

Project researcher Georgios Zittis said that this model exhibits the unique feature of producing water and electricity at the same time. Furthermore, it allows you to choose between water and electricity production and focus on the one which reports more demand at a given time. The two developments are extremely innovative and path breaking. He said that after the water is converted to steam, users can opt to either go ahead with the energy transformation or reserve the energy for the late hours.

Simultaneous occurrence of these two processes is the much-awaited solution for many scientists, as it is expected to solve crucial problems such as droughts and energy shortage on earth. According to ITN News, availability of more desalinised water all over the globe would result in more farm produce which in turn would take care of hunger issues.

A CYI source said that the Mediterranean region still lacks such a revolutionary invention and a technology full of immense promise. After reviews of its technology and checks to determine feasibility done over a period of two years proved that this programme was indeed doing justice to its costs, the government has approved a small-scale implementation of the project. The expenses to implement the plant on a full scale will be accommodated in its next budget, as a commitment by the government.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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