Reviewing The Future Design Of Solar Technology

Reviewing The Future Design Of Solar Technology

Solar technology is becoming more and more flat. This applies to household solar panels, industrial solar arrays in the desert; Solar panels are literally defined by its flat shape. Yet, solar panels do not need to be flat. In our natural world, practically nothing is flat and therefore why should solar panels continue to have a flat design?

Jeffery Grossman, an engineering Professor at MIT has been inspired by the natural way that tree’s capture sunlight from their leaves has developed three-dimensional shapes of solar cells that can generate solar energy with higher efficiency. Apparently, it was found that the 3-dimension solar panels are ostensibly more efficient than the flat structure even during rainy days.

The team of Professor Grossman explains the efficiency of their 3D solar panels on the roof of the Boston research Lab at MIT on a rainy day.

For most solar technologies, it would be useless to do a demonstration of solar panels during a rainy day. However, for 3D solar panels, this isn’t the case, even during a rainy-day Professor Grossman and his team are able to demonstrate how 3D panels can generate electricity. They claim the 3-dimensional solar panels to be as effective during cloudy days as in sunny ones.

The dynamic shapes of the solar panels that have literally been inspired by nature are impressive. They are resilient against bad weather and equally have a higher capacity to capture direct sunlight than typical flat panels using the same footprint. This is because the solar panels can be designed in a vertically.

The team’s architect Rachelle Villalon, says that solar panels are usually designed to be hidden on the rooftops. With this new 3D design the team envisions a day when it would be possible to create iconic statues or architects placed all around in cities to generate electricity.

Source: Yahoo (News)

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