Flowserve Pump Selected For Nevada Solar Power Plant

Flowserve Pump Selected For Nevada Solar Power Plant

Currently, Flowserve Corp has been selected to provide key pumping systems required for the Solar Energy Project which is being constructed closed to Tonopah in Nevada. USA.

It is concentrated solar power (CSP) plant of 110 MW, which is being constructed. Crescent Dunes Solar Energy project uses a power tower with molten salts, which will be used to generate energy. Flowserve molten salt pumps will be working on an extreme temperature of 5°C. It is the key system in the CSP plant.

The Flowserve pump will play a fundamental role in maximizing the efficiency of the system by providing variable frequency of fluid via the pump.

The Solar Energy Project is constructed by Nevada-based Cobra Thermosolar Plants Inc. It is the same company which is currently owning and running Tonopah Solar Energy LLC. They expect to have the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy project operational by 2013, with a capacity of 500,000 MW hours per year.

The Chief operating officer of Flowserve, Tom Pajonas says that their strong relationship with Cobra in Spain was the key factor enabling them to win this order. It will also help the company to be considered as a one-stop shop for pumping needs for the project over the full lifetime. This includes services such as lifetime maintenance.

Source: World Pumps

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