Green Buildings In India – Chennai Leading With 42/212

Green Buildings In India – Chennai Leading With 42/212

In India, Chennai is known for being stroked by significant power shortage. However, according to Green building Council, India houses an intense number of certified eco-friendly buildings in India. There are at total 212 certified green buildings and 42 of them are found in Chennai.

In third position we have Mumbai, which houses 29 green buildings and fourth Bangalore with 24 green buildings. In the top of the list Tamil Nadu have 47 green buildings while 57 additional buildings have already been registered in 2011.

There are various certifications provided for Green building being Platinum, Gold and Silver. These ratings are based on criteria such as waste management, sustainability, indoor environment quality and use of natural resources.

For instance, in new Tamil Nadu, the Anna Centenary Library and assembly are rated as gold. In addition, the Viswa Syamala, is a particular house located in Madipakkahm, which is currently one of the two single individual households, which has been granted a green rating. It was given the highest ranking: Platinum in 2009. The second house is located in Hyderabad.

In Chennai, people have been very anticipative in taking on ecological construction. According to the managing director of EN3 Sustainability Solutions Pvt Ltd, Sathiaram Ram, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is also encouraging the green building concept.

Why Green buildings?

Green buildings are small or large buildings, which are simply more efficient. They use less water, generates less waste, optimize the use of energy-efficient systems, preservers’ natural resources, provide comfortable indoor environmental quality in comparison to typical buildings.

State Builders are very happy about green energy. It brings innovation and change to the industry. Gradually, green-self-sufficient buildings are leading to the demise of old pillars of concrete, steel and glass buildings. The presence of photovoltaic energy-saving tools offers buildings and even cities a futuristic panoramic appearance.

Green cities are being shaped across European countries, United States, China and even Chennai (india). Ecological sustainable buildings are able to produce most of their own energy and also minimize waste of water and electricity by inducing natural lighting.

In the recent years, there has been a rise in the volume of buildings in Chennai, and many of these buildings have been awarded green certificates according to Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

In the period 2004 to 2008, only 10 buildings won the green rating award. However, from 2009 to 2011, an additional 37 buildings were awarded. According to specialists in the field, this has been a result of business opportunity as well as rise in ecological awareness.

Being awarded a green certificate is solid evidence that the company is committed towards Corporate Social Responsibility. This is one of the reasons why private businesses are interested to invest in green certificates. It gives them strong marketing point – in terms of sustainability and conservative.

The IGBC registered:

- 57 buildings in 2011
- 13 buildings in 2010
- 25 buildings in 2009

All these buildings received Platinum, gold to silver certificates.

The Rane Institute for Employee Development (RIED), in Perungudi has held several meetings & conferences to instill efficient energy buildings. For instance, RIED building itself is a silver-rated green building having photovoltaic cells and low-flow showers to minimize the waste of water and energy.

The building does also make use of the maximum potential natural light during the day. According to Vice President of RIED, only when required are energy-efficient fluorescent lamps used.

There are also several companies opting for green certificate to facilitate the environmental clearance.

The Benefit of Green Buildings

1. Saving Cost

In general, green buildings are 3 to 5 percent cheaper to maintain. In addition, 40% to 50% of the energy is saved, and water consumption is usually 40 percent less.

2. Reputation

Chennai is a highly popular for its 42 certified project and also two bungalows being green certified. It is giving the area environmental pride.

Source: India Times

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