Power Coming From Dahanu Photovoltaic solar Energy Plant

Power Coming From Dahanu Photovoltaic solar Energy Plant

In Mumbai, Dahanu solar Energy Plant went live providing energy to homes and businesses. It is currently, India’s largest photovoltaic solar power plant and is situated in the Rajasthan. It is already distributing energy to thousands of nearby households and businesses in the Western State in India.

The Director of the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Private Sector Operations Department, Mr. Michael Barrow says that this 40 MW solar energy plant will annually distribute above 60 million Kwh. It will be enough to provide energy to an average of 70,000 households. It will also support in the reduction of 60,000 metric tons of CO2 emission, every year.

The solar power plant cost USD 147.5 million, and has been constructed in the district of Jaisalmer, in the village of Dhursar, in the western state of India, Rajasthan. A project executed by Reliance Power LTD, which is currently amidst the largest private power developers of energy in India. The project was backed with a loan of USD48 million from ADB.

The site has carefully been selected; it is 180 KM on the west side of the city of Jodhpur, and exposed to the country’s most dense solar irradiation. It is an ideal area for 350-acre plant, with 500,000 solar panels.

In addition, a loan of USD 103 million has been granted to Reliance Power, for a Concentrating Solar Power Project which will be constructed just adjacent to the new photovoltaic solar plant built in Dahanu. The Indian Government is looking forward to have different types of solar energy developed in the country; Photovoltaic and concentrating solar power are two completely different sources of solar energy.

ADB’s goal to 2013 is to help in developing, commissioning and financing 3,000 MW of solar energy in Asia. Dahanu is part of the initiative. The ultimate objective is to help Asia to produce energy in an environmentally sustainable manner. This Solar Initiative is also supported by The Government of India, which is keen to reduce CO2 emission from energy sources.

Apart from the two solar plants, ADB is already helping the development of a Solar park located in Charanka, which is a state of Gujarat. ADB in addition to providing direct loans to support growth of clean energy, has established a financing facility to help lenders to finance solar power projects up to a capacity of 25 MW. In the long-term the bank will help to support a sustainable growth of solar-energy development in Asia region.

Source: EV-wind

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