Too Cheap To Meter – This Time Renewable Not Nuclear Energy

Too Cheap To Meter – This Time Renewable Not Nuclear Energy

Germany is one of the countries that has since long supported solar and wind energy. Now there are times that energy is generated as a zero-cost. Yet, in UK energy polices seems to hide the real augmenting cost of nuclear energy.

In the pioneer days of nuclear power the slogan was “Too Cheap To Meter.” However, event of catastrophe has seriously discredited nuclear energy in recent history.

The slogan is now back again but this time it isn’t for nuclear power rather for renewable-energy sources.

In Germany, windy weekends are showing that renewable energy is really too cheap to measure as the cost of electricity was driven down to zero. This is very soon going to apply for solar energy as 25 GW of solar-energy installation is already present in German, and during sunny days the cost of energy will drop down, maybe soon zero.

So free electricity, what is this new philosophy will all the incentive for investing in clean energy go into smoke? On the contrary, Germany’s efforts to establish feed-in-tariff in the 1990s are now paying off, with revenue generated from electricity sold at a cost but free to generate. So the challenge to fight against carbon emission and climate change can now be fully sponsored by free electricity.

There are always issues of concerns. The current goal of Germany is to reach energy production, fully by renewable, while it is actually only generating 20 percent from clean energy. To focus is already geared towards storage. The vision of the future relies on inter connectors of energy supply not only within the country but across continents. This can support good prices and clean energy to be fully secured in the coming years.

Yet, in UK, the nuclear industry is still tight with the government’s energy strategy. This is something that should be discredited in the future, yet no signs of improvements.
For instance, EDF, the strong French-state-owned tycoon which operates UK’s nuclear plants, are opting to lengthen the lifetime of old reactors. Currently, the government in UK has set minimum price on the emission of CO2. This gives a great advantage to current nuclear plants.

Recently, analysts suggested that nuclear power will be even more subsidized than offshore and onshore wind farms.

According to Kraemer, when the production of an industry doubles the cost does in general shrink by as much as 15 percent. EDF evaluates the cost of their new nuclear plant in UK to be worth £7bn.

It is astounding to note that in Germany, all people know that mass-production of renewable energy drives the cost of energy downwards while in UK, the focus is still on nuclear energy where it is ‘too expensive to count’.

Source: Guardian

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