Cheng Uei Re-orienting Towards Rooftop Solar Energy Panels

Cheng Uei Re-orienting Towards Rooftop Solar Energy Panels

Cheng Uei is venturing with a Taiwanese University to construct a solar power plant. The motive is to diversify and dig into the green energy market.

It is an electronic component supplier, Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co, which is willing to penetrate into the solar-energy business and exploit the green household market.

The company is well-known for its brand product: Foxlink. Now its subsidiary Shinfox Corp will be responsible for the development of clean energy; solar-energy panels on rooftops. This is what Gou Tai-chiang the chairman of Cheng Uei announced.

According to Gou Tai-chiang, Shifox will be collaborating with the National Yunlin University of Science & Technology to develop new solar-energy solutions. They are also envisaging working together in development of wind-energy solutions.

The President of Shinfox, Wilson Hu says that the University and company are working on constructing a 1 MW solar plant on the University campus. This solar-energy facility will generate above 1.3 million KWh per annum.

The agreement for the project is expected to be signed-off within this 2nd quarter of 2012.

In the electricity industry, Shinfox is a power-management provider, mainly emphasing on developing smart grid solutions. This includes wireless control equipment and smart meters.

In the past, Shinfox has collaborated with large Chiense partners to expand wind-power generation in wind-power facility located in Taiwan.

It was also announced that Shinfox would be working with hospitals, department stores as well as shopping malls to help reduce CO2 emission, via more efficient energy solutions for businesses.

It is evident that Cheng Uei is diversifying its business. It has slowly moved from connector producers to now becoming a consumer-electronics distribute. The firm is currently running the Studio A, which a strong chain retail selling all Apple Inc’s products in Asian countries such as Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Source: Taipei Times

Source: Taipei times

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