Scotland’s Energy Plans in the North Sea Will It Be Delayed By A Decade?

Scotland’s Energy Plans in the North Sea Will It Be Delayed By A Decade?

There is an ambitious plan that has been established by Scotland’s government. They are planning to generate 100% of their energy requirement form green energy sources by 2020. However, Gas and Oil chiefs suggest that the plan will be delayed by at least 10 years.

The country wants to exploit the wind-turbine energy plan for North Sea, and generate 100 % of its energy needs from clean sources. However, according to North Sea Industry Officials, it is very hard to achieve this energy target by 2020.

For this to be possible, the energy sector needs to experience a boom, comparable to the one illuminated in the 1960s to 1970s.

From Oil and Gas UK, Alix Thom and David Odling are about to say that renewable-energy target needs to be communicated and established with cautions. Currently, it seems very unlikely that renewable-energy will power the whole of Scotland.

First of all, the electricity system in the country would practically have to increase by 400 percent simply to meet it current predicted increase in energy demands. This is tantamount to a significant investment.

According to Oil and Gas UK, it is extremely hard to achieve the target of 100 % renewable energy for Scotland by 2020. For instance, this would need an unprecedented amount of investment, to ensure that green energy expand.

In the UK, the target is to have 15 % of its energy to be supplied via renewable sources by 2020. In that same instance, for Scotland to reach 100 % is rather unlikely to happen by 2020. It might be somewhat more likely to occur by 2030, when wave and tidal power might be more widely applicable.

The two recent winters do also show that the energy network needs to be drastically upgraded to reach the high-energy demands. Industry analysis suggests that a quadruple growth would be required before 2020.

Source: News STV and Scotsman

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