Solar Energy Facts based on Fourth Annual Solar-Energy Survey.

Solar Energy Facts based on Fourth Annual Solar-Energy Survey.

Solar Energy is the energy of sun in the form of light, heat or radiations. The idea for harnessing the energy of the Sun has been discussed for years. However, many governments and scientists still look to things such as nuclear power as a solution. The greatest advantage of solar energy is that it can give people what they want, and this is energy independence. It is divided into two major subclasses;

• Photovoltaic (also called solar electric systems)
• Solar thermal systems

Through photovoltaic we can convert light energy into electricity and it can be used for household work or the energy can even be stored, even can it be used industries. Solar thermal system is used to provide heat for heating water. Solar energy is best alternative energy source and very cheap one, but due to lack of knowledge or exposure people are not aware of its benefits. Global solar-energy companies and Market research and economic analysis companies have organized surveys to evaluate “How much a common person knows about Solar Energy.”

Applied Materials, Inc Named Top PV Solar Equipment Supplier for the 4th Consecutive Year by VLSI research, VLSI Research Inc is the leading provider of market research and economic analysis on the technical, business, and profit-making aspects within semiconductor, nanotechnology and related industries. For more information about VLSI research Inc, visit

Applied Materials, Inc recently has declared the result of Fourth annual solar-energy survey California. The survey was conducted in China, India, Japan and the United States to know how much these people know about Solar energy. And the secondary purpose of these surveys is to Cut down the price of solar panels according to customer’s reviews. For more information about the Applied Materials, Inc, visit

Fourth annual solar-energy survey results are shown in the graph, the impact of solar-energy expansion on jobs? The survey showed interesting result U.S. showed very positive result, and they think the growth of solar energy will also cause growth of jobs while Japan thinks it will decrease the jobs.

According to the survey 55% of people appreciate the solar-energy system as they believe it is less expensive then the other sources and which is true because once they are installed in our homes, they will need very little maintenance, and will last for decades. However, residents of India and Japan think solar energy is a more costly source then the other available sources.

Solar panels now cost less than $1 per watt, which means more than 100 countries have achieved grid parity,” said by President of Applied Materials’ Solar division.

India and China both need lots of cheap and environment-friendly energy to fulfill their huge number of resident and giant industries, so there is an increase in demand of solar energy in China and India. Other countries those have installed a high number of solar panels are (decreasing order) Germany has the highest number of installed solar panel, followed by Italy, Japan, Spain, the U.S. and China. For more information about the 4th annual Applied Materials Summer Solstice survey, visit

There is a need of public awareness campaigns in school (like Clean Tech Competition), colleges, universities and other community center to provide people information on solar energy and motivate the use of solar panel.

Definitely solar power makes a lot of sense. It will help the young of today to shape a more environmentally friendly world in the future.

Source: Applied Materials, VLSI Research,

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