Britain’s Power Demand for 1000 Households to Be Met with Solar Panels

Britain’s Power Demand for 1000 Households to Be Met with Solar Panels

Power demand in Britain may soon be fully met with the launch of 30 acres of solar panels to light over 1,000 homes.


• Expansive five-acre farm to be installed with 5.6 miles of frames and 1,800 solar panels
• Solar power requires less infrastructure compared to wind farms
• The vast farm to power an estimated 1,000 residences

The UK energy sector has been boosted greatly with the launch of the largest solar farm that will have an energy production sufficient to meet the needs of 1,000 homes. The solar panels will, however, extend across miles of farmland.

The project was realized after the deliberation of various stakeholders in the energy industry, and they graced the inauguration of the project which will use 1,800 solar PV panels that will be mounted on 5.6 miles of masts.

The 5 MegaWatt power project extends across a staggering 30 acres on the Cadland estate in Fawley near Southampton, Hants.

However, the local inhabitants of these sites say that this scheme will not interfere with the landscape since the solar panels will be completely obscured by the trees as compared to the wind farms.
Solar panels for the 5 MegaWatt solar scheme that spanned 30 acres.

Fingers crossed its stays hot: Project Manager, Scott Hotgartner at Cadland Solar Farm, in Hampshire – the farm will produce enough electricity for 1,000 homes.

Cadland estate has been used for farming crops such as wheat, maize, potatoes in addition to livestock keeping.

Alexis McEvoy who doubles up as the local councillor and chairman of the New Forest District Council, officiated the launch by cutting the ribbon for the solar panel installation. He then guided the guests present for a tour around the farms and acknowledged his amazement of the project. Councilor McElvoy expressed his impression by saying that the solar farm was bigger than he had expected and added that when given a choice between the solar farm and a wind turbine, he would not think twice as he would choose the former since besides being silent they are less intrusive and discreet.

Mr. Aldres Drummond, owner of the Cadland Estate commissioned the project and also hosted the delegation that was involved with the project.

Mr. Drummond expressed his excitement and gratitude to the team by saying that the solar project was a universal and beneficial scheme that would help meet the power needs of many homes.

He went on to add that his farm had fully embraced the adoption of solar power and other environmental friendly sources of energy and that the ground breaking had set the ball rolling for future alternative energy exploits.

The CEO of national energy-efficiency solutions company Anesco, Adrian Pike co-hosted the ground-breaking ceremony with Drummond

Experiencing the future! A host of energy industry stakeholders gathered to launch the project, which is made of 1,800 solar PV panels mounted on 5.6 miles of frames.

Mr. Pike said that being the fifth company that Aldred approached with a request of the project, he was honored to see the launch since they had to push for things to take place and realize the project. He also added that the project was just what was planned for.

Pike also acknowledged the fact that this project was made in a simple and efficient way in contrast to others, which are made complex by some companies involved. He concluded that when they turned up at the farm to see the complete thing for the first time the feeling was like a dream come true.

Councillor, McEvoy also noted that the project could be an eyesore to the landscape but after the completion, the inhabitants proved wrong since it is completely covered by trees.

He further concluded by lauding the efforts of Aldred Drummond since the farms are experiencing some challenges and said that it was going to be successful.

Source: Daily Mail

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