Nordex is investing in Ireland

Nordex is investing in Ireland

Both Glenought and 15 MW Gibbett Hill Wind Farms will have its wind turbines provided by Nordex for its second phase. Nordex has been awarded a contract to deliver and assemble seven high wind turbines for the Glenought 2 and Gibbett Hill projects, both projects are Irish.

The two projects are located at winded elevated sites of the Republic of Ireland. The Glenough 2 is an extension of an already built 32 MW farm (previously built by Nordex); the second project, named Gibbett Hill is a completely new 15 MW farm.

In both projects, the customer who is the wind farm developer ABO Wind has selected the N90/2500 turbine; the selection couldn’t be better since these turbines are perfectly adapted to wind speeds around 9 m/s. The expected income of the seven turbines is about 70 GWh; which means an above-average capacity of forty-five percent.

A Wiesbaden based project, who is the developer for ABO Wind has been working closely with Nordex for a large amount of years. Dr. Jachen Ahn is a member of the management board and also the founder of ABO Wind AG, and he says that in result of their positive experience while working with Nordex and its products, they decided to choose Nordex to install the turbines. According to Dr. Jachen Ahn; Germany, Ireland and France are among the top ABO Wind’s markets; thanks to the use of Nordex’s turbines which are delievered by ABO Wind in all the wind farm’s ABO Wind have installed in Ireland will allow the capacity of the wind farms, come to 70 megawatts.

The estimated time for the project Glenough 2 to be completed is in December 2012 and May of 2012. An initial premium service contract of five years is also included on the order.

ABO Wind is one of the pioneers of wind power in Germany; it plans and installs turn-key wind parks. You can learn a little more about the past and the early years of ABO Wind and its relationships worldwide. Going back to the end of 90’s (1996, to be precise) moved and encouraged by the desire to protect the climate, seduced and fascinated by wind power, both Dr. Jochen Ahn and Matthias Bockholt established a company in Germany (Wiesbaden).

Nowadays, with a work force of around 200 employees and a strong presence in seven European countries and South America; ABO wind is more active than ever. It is currently, designing wind farm projects. It buys different sites, and then it plans and prepares everything from bank finance to technical equipment all this in order to successfully complete and fulfill a project. Nevertheless, the work of ABO Wind does not stop here; it also provides to different individuals the opportunity to make some good profit while investing in the constant need of renewable energies; investors can invest particular in ABO Wind invest wind share (WKN A1EWXA) that is listed in the stock exchanges in Dusseldorf and Frankfurt as well.

Nordex is currently one of the technological leaders in multi-megawatt wind power systems and is getting the benefit from the trend in favor of large-scale turbines. Until the present date more than 1,800 turbines of the type N90/2500, N100/2500, N117/2400 have been installed all over the globe. Thanks to its experience with multi-megawatt Nordex overcame most of its competitors. All over the world, Nordex has successfully installed around 4,900 turbines with an aggregate capacity of more than 7,500 MW.

Export have an important role in the Nordex business, recent exports accounting to more than 85 percent of the Nordex’s business; Nordex SE plays a vital role when it comes to development of international high-growth regions. Nordex has a strong presence all over the globe with a substantial number of offices and subsidiaries in twenty-two countries and with a work force of above 2,500 employees.

Source: Ev-wind

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