Say Good-bye to Flat Batteries

Mon, Aug 20, 2012

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Say Good-bye to Flat Batteries

A recent system has been developed to check the charge, age and reliability of the battery.

Imagine yourself, driving your car and suddenly the car’s battery goes flat. This would be terrible news, before the battery went flat you were a happy driver, after that you become a furious pedestrian. Probably, your plans will be delayed, and your mood will worsen. All this because of a flat battery! Imagine if this problem could be avoided; in fact, this type of disturbing situation can be circumvented. Professor Dr. Constantinos Sourkounis and Philip Dost are heading a group of scientists from the RUB’s working group for the Energy Systems Technology and Power Mechatronics; together with Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH & Co.KG they managed to develop a primary warning system.

This new battery supervision system available for lead-acid collectors is designated to avoid drivers from a complete breakdown and a lot of trouble. The driver is briefed using an on-board computer system if a modification of battery or a new car battery is about to occur. When this battery management system is compared to others built in the past, they found out that this new system does not require successive reprogramming in the garage (what was very disturbing in previous systems). Professor Sourkounis said the new system will automatically recognize and measure the battery’s parameters, in the first trip. Different information is provided by the system; information such as: the age, charge and durability of the car’s battery. Recent cars require more and more amounts of energy, so this new and innovate system is specially required for this type of situation (excluding headlights and the combustion motor) dozens of minor electric motors and small sensors will need electrical power to function.

Professor Sourkounis said that big capacity accumulators mean increased service life and also increased age. Batteries destined to high-performance vehicles are more expensive. However, expensively does not necessarily mean they are completely resistant to extended periods of non-use or even too cold. Since a battery will not last forever it is recommended and convenient to receive constant updates about the battery’s current status. With this new battery management system, you will be able to predict if a new start is possible before the engine is turned off all this without the complicated need to adjust difficult parameters (e.g. battery’s diffusion capacity). Additionally a new innovative warning functionality will allow the driver to be warned if the battery needs to be recharged.

Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH & Co.KG is the industrial partner of the Bochum researchers. This supplier of automobile components is the leader in the market for accuracy measuring resistors. These components are crucial part of battery management system because they will allow the status of the battery to be accurately measured.

Source: Ruhr-Universitaet-Bochum and ScienceDaily

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