Korean Concentrix Ready To Investments in Solar Projects.

Korean Concentrix Ready To Investments in Solar Projects.

A delegation constituted of three members of a Korean company named Concentrix Solar was called on MOS/Board of Investment, Chairman Saleem H. Mandviwalla. The Korean company demonstrated a deep interest in investing in solar projects located in Pakistan; one of these projects is the solar-energy installation of 300MW located in Quetta (Pakistan).

This three-member delegation (from the Korean Concentrix Solar) was led by none other than its Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Choi Moon-sok In a statement made by the Board of Investment (BOI) informed that the Korean Company is very interesting in building a solar project in Pakistan (Quetta). It was informed that Concentrix Solar is already negotiating for the government of Balochistan in order to sign an agreement for constructing a 300MW power plant located in Quetta. The Korean company’s delegation informed the MOS chairman that they have the latest technology that will perfectly suit the current needs of Pakistan.

The Korean Company demonstrated its interest in setting up a 300MW solar plant in Quetta, Pakistan; they are currently negotiating for the Balochistan government, and soon they will sign a contract to build the upper mentioned solar power plant; the Balochistan government offered a land (1500 acres) to the company; this land is near to the airport, and it is destined to the installation of the power plant.

The first step that Concentrix Solar will complete is the installation of 50MW, and then they will reach the final 300MW by gradually building six complexes. The company was encouraged by the MOS chairman to create more proposals like this to invest in Pakistan (specifically in the energy sector of Pakistan). Due to the current energy crisis in Pakistan, the MOS chairman informed the company that the Pakistani Prime Minister is very inclined to increase and encourage investments in the sector of energy. A signature of a MoU is already under process between the Korean Company and the BOI (at the request of the Korean Concentrix Solar). Later, the three members of the delegation assigned by Concentrix Solar, and the MOS chairmen were called on the Pakistani Prime Minister. The company informed the Prime Minister about the Quetta investment; additionally, the Concentrix Solar representatives suggested some other possible interesting projects, like substituting diesel generated pumps for solar energy; this will be used for irrigation purposes.

Naturally, the Pakistani Prime Minister encouraged their projects and assured full government cooperation in these kinds of projects.

Source: Pak Tribune

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