Planning For Large Scale Solar Energy System in Saudi Arabia

Planning For Large Scale Solar Energy System in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, although a leading purveyor of fossil fuels for the rest of the world, it has always been under pressure on oil demand supply ratio. This has ultimately led the nation to explore and opt for other sources of fuels. Saudi Arabian government has already made public its plan to build its first expansive solar-energy system. This will be one of their most ambitious plans hosted in the city of Mecca.

Oil controversies lead Saudi Arabia for non-conventional alternatives.
The location near the equator exposes Saudi Arabia with a huge amount of solar radiations. This potential has been of interest to the government since the growing pressure surrounding oil and environmental concerns needs to be resolved. Saudi Arabia has received up to 20 bids from different solar-energy companies and other organizations, which are looking forward to participate in the country’s ambitious plan. The government will select one of the bidders by January 2013.

New Solar, Wind and Biomass Plants In the Pipeline

The ongoing project of the country to build a power plant which beholds 385 gig watt capacity with the aim to generate electricity not only through fossil fuels, but also from clean sources of energy. The same plant will generate 100 megawatts from solar energy along with wind energy and biomass according to the government officials.

Project is the first step Saudi Arabia has taken on solar energy.

This is the first time that Saudi Arabia will be taking a conservative approach towards energy reforms. The country also expects much better benefits through solar energy than the wind-energy systems implied in the past. This solar power plant is being planned to be developed in Mecca, where it will serve the town with electricity.

Source: Hydrogen Fuel News

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