First Solar Inc. will install its first 13MW solar plant for the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

First Solar Inc. will install its first 13MW solar plant for the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

Recently, First Solar, Inc. declared that it would build a 13 MW solar power plant. The company has been selected by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. The solar power plant will be located at Seith Al Dahal (fifty kilometers of the south of Dubai). The agreement made between the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and First Solar, states that First Solar will be responsible for providing engendering, construction services and procurement. It will also provide its cutting-edge thin-film photovoltaic modules.

This new solar power plant of 13 megawatts is only the first phase of a major solar power program. Iit is the breakthrough Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park (curiosity: it was named in honor of the Emirate of Dubai). The ambitious project will cover 48 square km, and it will produce a tempting amount of clean energy, one thousand MW. This clean energy will be used by the national electric grid. Both Photovoltaic cells and solar thermal equipment will be used.

Saeed Mahammed Al Taver (MD and Chief Executive Officer of the DEWA) said that the Supreme Council of Energy adopted an energy diversification strategy, and this photovoltaic plant will play a vital role in the implementation of such strategy that is aiming to add solar energy to the Dubai’s portfolio of energy. This strategy was made to improve the Dubai’s grows and satisfy the energy requirements of the country. It is also very important to provide a secure source of energy in the Emirate of Dubai. On the other side, Jim Hughes, Chief Executive Officer of First Solar said that they are extremely delighted that the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority chose First Solar to complete the primary phase of this innovative project. According to Hughes, this represents their strategy to provide useful solar power solutions in the appropriate markets. He also sent commends to His Highness for heading in the path of an appropriate future for Dubai, a future where the natural resources are preserved, where the pollution is reduced and with solar energy, they can do they at the same time they are responding to the Dubai’s electric power needs.

This new solar power plant will generate more than twenty-two million KW/h of electricity each year; doing the math, this amount of electric power will suit the electric power needs of more than 500 homeowners. In the matter of the pollution caused by this solar power plant. It will generate 14,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year; comparing this to the CO2 emissions of the cars, it is the same as removing 1,600 cars from the highway.

The Dubai’s Supreme Council of Energy (SCE) will be responsible for implementing the park, and the DEWA will be responsible for the operation and management. This government-owned company is also part of the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy for 2030. First Solar opened an office in Dubai, and it is trying to open another office in Saudi Arabia.

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