Vikram Solar Investing Heavily In Solar Power Plant in Rajasthan

Vikram Solar Investing Heavily In Solar Power Plant in Rajasthan

Vikram Solar is a leading manufacturer of solar products based in Kolkata. Vikram Solar might install its 40 MW solar power plant at Rajasthan in the very beginning of 2013 with this process the company will invest about to Rs.410. crore.

The Vikram Group and also a top PV maker of solar modules, signed with the Rajasthan government a power purchase agreement with the duration of 25 years. The director of Vikram Solar, Gyanesh Chaudhary, told IANS that their own plant for solar power in Rajasthan will be ready in the beginning of 2013. This solar power plant is being set up according to the National Solar Mission.

Going back to the very beginning of 2010, the Prime Minister Manmohan Sigh launched the National Solar Mission with an ambitious goal targeting 20 thousand MW of installed solar power by 2020, in order to do this, the government signed PPAs with various solar-energy developers for solar photovoltaic projects.

Chaudhary told that they were investing even more than Rs.410. crore in the project of Rajasthan. Vikram Solar has already completed some projects in the past, for example: in Rourkela (1 MW project); in Chhattisgarh (2 MW project); in Gujarat (5 MW project), among many others. Chaudhary added that the company is negotiating with the government of Tamil Nadu in order to set up facilities there.

In the last year, the firm and a Spanish solar-energy company named Proener Renovables merged efforts in order to satisfy the engineering procurement contracts related to solar-energy projects in India and overseas as well. Vikram Solar GmbH is a fully owned subsidiary of the Vikram group; currently, it has a 1.6 MW solar power plant installed in Germany (Kottenheim). Shaibal Gosh said that marketing the company is causing their projects in countries like Italy, France and Spain running successfully.

In a special economic zone at Falta (West Bengal), Vikram Solar wants to double its capacity in a PV cell plant thus spending about to Rs.100. crore. Gosh also informed that at Falta, they have 70MW of capacity when it comes to production, and they are working to double that number by the end of this year the total capacity of this solar power plant will be 140 Megawatts.

Source: India News Daily

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