The man who stepped on the moon interested in India’s space mission

The man who stepped on the moon interested in India’s space mission

Will Space Be the future of renewable Energy? It is now years since the last moon mission. Is it buzz or reality?

The man who was part of Apolo 11 in the year of 1969, who, alongside with Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon, is now part of another type of mission. This man is the legendary Buzz Aldrin. Aldrin wants to put together English-speaking countries and improve the area of space exploration. Adrin, who, on 20th of January, turned 83 years-old is looking forward to a meeting with the former Indian president, named Abdul Kalam. Aldrin believes that both India and the United States of America can cooperate in order to work together on solar dynamics and in consequence improving energy conservation. Aldrin said that he wants to talk with Adbul Kalam about the topic of the importance of sun power on the conservation of energy. He would like to set up a meeting and improve the cooperation between India and the US on the matter of solar power. Also, Aldrin wants to improve the relationships and put together English speaking nations.

Buzz Aldrin informed that this meeting doesn’t approach anything as specific as piece or even global warming. This is about space exploration as a result of cooperation between English speaking countries. This information was released by Aldrin to TOI during an interview that took place in New York. The interview happened in connection between Aldrin’s association and Axe Apolo who wants to provide the opportunity for 22 people to travel to space during the years ahead.

Buzz’s vision of space is that he wants to trigger a new wave of human exploration. He told that it is in the hands those people to make that happen. He adds that the Solar System has so much to offer to the Mankind and he states that the people involved in this next wave of space exploration will be recognized for years to come.

Aldrin told that there were very few people who had the opportunity to explore space. He told that it is important to find resources that allow a more active space exploration. It would be perfect if they had the resources to make that happen now. But he adds that they do not have the resources to make that dream come true. Space exploration will be a journey to achieve.

Even after retiring from NASA, Aldrin’s work didn’t stop. He is constantly trying and working hard to assure that the US continue to be the leader of space exploration. He even designed a plan known has the “Aldrin Mars Cylinder”, which consists in a spacecraft who treats with transportation matters, that the spacecraft has a perpetual cylinder orbit between Mars and Earth.

At the first time he stepped on the moon, he described it as a “beautiful magnificent desolation”, but he actually does not remember what it was like to be on the moon. He remembers that on the moon, he had two options, going up or going down, and going up. He also adds that he is not disturbed by the fact that he was the “second” man to step on the moon. He says that it doesn’t really matter, he also mentions the biography of Neil Armstrong, saying that it would be hardly named “The First Man”, because it undervalues the rest of the crew with no reason at all.

He also sends a message to this young generation. His message is short and simple: as human means we have strengths and weaknesses too and we must accept it and do our best to help other people.

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Source: Times Of India

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