Panasonic Jumps Into Cleantech In A Large Way – One Billion Dollars By 2012

Panasonic Jumps Into Cleantech In A Large Way – One Billion Dollars By 2012

The world’s leading manufacturer of plasma television sets, Panasonic, is about to experience their own companywide green shift. They have decided to invest one billion dollars into clean technology as they begin to concentrate on their core market, equipping homes and businesses with energy conscious products and solar power. Panasonic joins the ranks of several other business giants in focusing on renewable technologies.

The consumer electronics company based out of Japan will begin creating their own innovations while they put their power behind acquisitions of technology like solar cell and battery manufacturer Sanyo Electric, so says company president Fumio Ohtsubo. He says Panasonic wants to shift from their current battle plan to a different field and they believe that their current core business will become benefactors of their new green tech approach to their business. Panasonic is getting formidable competition from another player in the electronic market, Samsung in Korea.

Panasonic wants to develop an energy monitoring system for residences as part of their new shift. The gadget will acquire information from domestic devices – and likely other power demanding sources – and then show the amount of power being utilized on the TV sets. This unique technology could be ready by 2012 – 2013.

Since Panasonic has an eye for ease of use with their products and the distinction of being a respected business, no real surprise they would first concentrate on an item of consumer interest that concerns monitoring a home power usage. With their deep rooted global distribution pathways, Panasonic likes their chances. Many companies are jumping on the home energy organization bandwagon but analysts think the one who will be successful are those who understand how to promote, sell and understand the needs of their consumers. Panasonic qualifies under all of these criteria.

Because Panasonic obtained Sanyo Electric a year ago, spending over four and a half billion dollars for it, they have a step up for other clean tech products. These include lithium-ion batteries and solar cell technology. Sanyo is the world’s largest producer of rechargeable batteries and they have more than thirty years of practice manufacturing solar photovoltaic goods. Sanyo claims to have originally begun commercial building of amorphous silicon solar cells, and continues to manufacture hybrid variations at their facilities in Hungary and Japan.

Their subsidiary, Sanyo Homes, a month previous began marketing what it referred to as “all electric homes” outfitted by means of a 3.78 kilowatt solar unit, a heat pump for water heating, ten LED light fittings and lithium-ion storage to give it all back up power. Panasonic had previously begun functional operations using battery technology that was independent of Sanyo. Beginning in early October, Panasonic declared they had produced a prototype of a novel 1.5 KWh lithium-ion electricity storage unit it believed had a use for storing power that was linked to rooftop solar panels or even electric automobiles.

Like most other consumer electronics companies, Panasonic was impacted pretty good by the recent global recession which meant they experienced losses and were forced to let thousands of employees go from their jobs in 2009. Nevertheless, Panasonic appears to have found a second wind with the rapidly growing new energy industry.

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