SunChips Snacks Produced with Solar Energy

SunChips Snacks Produced with Solar Energy

Going green starts with gradual steps at individual, cooperative, industrial, governmental, national and then global actions are likely to be seen. SunChips is producing its snacks from solar energy, as they believe that everything begins with a small step.

The brilliant idea to stop using fossil fuel and swap to solar energy to produce snacks is active in Modesto, California factory with full capacity was launched July 2008. The total capacity is “14,7000 BTU per year”.

The company is promoting solar energy in its facilities at Modesto, where one of its eight establishments is found. The construction of the solar collectors is over four acres and the construction was conducted by America Assets for Frito-Lay. The whole project was confirmed as a green step by National Renewable Energy laboratory prior to launching of construction.

The solar collector uses concave mirrors which tract accurately the position of the sun during the day. Along the arrays of mirrors runs a black tube; this tube is enclosed with a second glass tube to prevent air penetration and maximize absorption capacity. In the black type water flows, and is heated to a dramatic heat of 45 degrees F.

The water that is heated through the solar heating system is used to produce steam. The steam is used to cook all the things required to produce the snack. It represents the core supply of the manufacturing process. Once all the water in the tube has been used, cooled water is used to refill the black tube and the process goes on like this.

The estimated thermal energy that the field produces is extensive. It is enough to fuel most of the operations in the factory. The solar energy makes it possible to produce 145, 000 bags of snacks per day.

According to SunChips the idea of using solar energy is natural as they produce SunChips branded snacks. Although solar energy is not used in all its factories, it is likely to be so in the near future. Moreover, producing snacks that is good for you should also enclose the planet.

Simple step by corporations such as SunChips can make a significant impact on the level of energy harnessed by clean energy sources.

Source: National Geography

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